Never let me go

   Excerpts from 'Pact'   Connect dots of feelings and moments, atmosphere of places, another grass that isn't greener, another scent that isn't of a known flower, a color that isn't familiar, a sky that is path to another sun. Travel. A new city is a new mistress, lures you with the outer beauty and … Continue reading Never let me go


Montenegro und Grund Tatsache

Ich hoffe, ich kann viele Leute mit ein paar grundsätzlichen Tatsachen über unser schönes und kleines Land ereichen.   Das Montenegro umfasst einen Raum von 13812 Quadratkilometer und seine Landesgrenze ist 614km lang Es hat 620000 tausend Einwohner Montenegro grenzt an Kroatien, Bosnien, Albanien und Serbien Die Montenegrinische Küste ist 293 km lang und hat … Continue reading Montenegro und Grund Tatsache


''And when you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you'' So many footsteps behind me, miles and miles away, i have almost forgotten where have i begun. What lures us to our next destination, it was never about the goal yet about the journey, but still that unresolved why … Continue reading Beneath

Mind monologues

We should open ourselves to the impossible and embrace s psychology of possibility  When you lean into it it feels like you are rowing through the darkest rivers, with sticks and stones against the hardest tides of psychical efforts which vibrate through the body as the altitude inflicts the attitude of personality. Will you back … Continue reading Mind monologues

Summer breeze

''Remember one thing little Red Ridding Hood it is in wolfs nature to be a wolf, but the same stands for a man...'' Breeze drifting on the back of her shoulders, slightly moving her curly brown blonde hair and revealing the magic of her smile as she slowly turns to me. With the sounds of … Continue reading Summer breeze

Poet in the pit

''It is said power corrupts, but indeed the power attracts the corruptible'' Once you have started the journey you must finish it. Like with all the things in life, it simply requires an ending. It's a story you write, nobody else. But i have seen more than i have hoped for. Religion teaches us that … Continue reading Poet in the pit

It’s been a while…

-'I'm tired'. But only silence could he get as an answer. Mountain that stood in front of him breathed out with a breeze. He laid down as morning dew refreshed his dried up lips. - 'It's been a while that i have felt like this, dried out from energy, to tired to sleep, all i … Continue reading It’s been a while…


''Silence is true wisdom's best reply'' Have you ever imagined how long does it take for a liquid to form a firm object, and is that even possible? Can we be a witness of those quotes of our elders, their words of wisdom, and their clever advice concerning life and paths we take are the … Continue reading Patience

Doorstep of Venice

''Of soup and love the first is the best'' There several ways one can experience a city or a town or a village or a  new place, but the most attractive  is the moment when you close your eyes and let brain picture or create a carousell of pictures that correlate with the points in … Continue reading Doorstep of Venice

Sva pitanja turista #1

Kada sam počinjao da se bavim ovim poslom najbolji savjet koji sam dobio je da ću najbolje naučiti iz pitanja radoznalih. I, jesam li ja naučio svašta!!  U kombinaciji sa različitim okruženjima i kvalitetnom atmosferom neka pitanja su imala simpatično ironični karakter dok su neka bila samo transparentno sarkastična i besmislena. U nastavku teksta možete … Continue reading Sva pitanja turista #1