Let me blow your mind

I came close to her, and said it  'i'm here to break your heart, to absorb your emotions, dreams, desires, to play renegade with your lust and then to throw it all away, to break you. It is my goal. To break you'. - Is it cause you are broken and pathetic? I wasn't. But … Continue reading Let me blow your mind


Never let me go

   Excerpts from 'Pact'   Connect dots of feelings and moments, atmosphere of places, another grass that isn't greener, another scent that isn't of a known flower, a color that isn't familiar, a sky that is path to another sun. Travel. A new city is a new mistress, lures you with the outer beauty and … Continue reading Never let me go

Hörst du mich?

Kann das Herz ,wie ein Blummen durch das Beton, brechen die Brüste und Außenluft atmen? Ich hatte meinen Kompas versenken, ohne Heimat und alleine, verloren ins Meer der Aussichtslosigkeit, und wo warst du? Wo warren deine Träume und deine Worte, deine Versprechen mich zu begleiten? Ich könnte nicht schöne Worte mehr erzeugen, deine immer und … Continue reading Hörst du mich?

Broken mind  of a broken heart

Chapter 1/12   Air is flowing out of my body, vaporizing from skins surface, dominion of toxins is leaving it's teritory, not for long. I'll pump 'em up with another shot, bringing my mind to a few minutes of joy and pleasure in some other dimension, where i am a king. It is what i … Continue reading Broken mind  of a broken heart

Summer breeze

''Remember one thing little Red Ridding Hood it is in wolfs nature to be a wolf, but the same stands for a man...'' Breeze drifting on the back of her shoulders, slightly moving her curly brown blonde hair and revealing the magic of her smile as she slowly turns to me. With the sounds of … Continue reading Summer breeze

It’s been a while…

-'I'm tired'. But only silence could he get as an answer. Mountain that stood in front of him breathed out with a breeze. He laid down as morning dew refreshed his dried up lips. - 'It's been a while that i have felt like this, dried out from energy, to tired to sleep, all i … Continue reading It’s been a while…

Sva pitanja turista #1

Kada sam počinjao da se bavim ovim poslom najbolji savjet koji sam dobio je da ću najbolje naučiti iz pitanja radoznalih. I, jesam li ja naučio svašta!!  U kombinaciji sa različitim okruženjima i kvalitetnom atmosferom neka pitanja su imala simpatično ironični karakter dok su neka bila samo transparentno sarkastična i besmislena. U nastavku teksta možete … Continue reading Sva pitanja turista #1

Crown of a fairy tale

“Against the disease of writing one must take special precautions, since it is a dangerous and contagious disease.”   I have never heard more beautiful silence , than it was in the forests above Moselkern, near Koblenz. It's was an endless inspiration for me, to sense the feeling of limitless beginnings and endings. So many … Continue reading Crown of a fairy tale

Morning dew

''If you want to make your dreams come true, you need first to wake up'' Running. Habit, hobby, addiction. My eyes open and they are already focused on tying up the shoe laces of running shoes that took me more than two hours to decide when bying. Perfection lies in details and patience , yet … Continue reading Morning dew