Sva pitanja turista #1

Kada sam počinjao da se bavim ovim poslom najbolji savjet koji sam dobio je da ću najbolje naučiti iz pitanja radoznalih. I, jesam li ja naučio svašta!!  U kombinaciji sa različitim okruženjima i kvalitetnom atmosferom neka pitanja su imala simpatično ironični karakter dok su neka bila samo transparentno sarkastična i besmislena. U nastavku teksta možete … Continue reading Sva pitanja turista #1

Crown of a fairy tale

“Against the disease of writing one must take special precautions, since it is a dangerous and contagious disease.”   I have never heard more beautiful silence , than it was in the forests above Moselkern, near Koblenz. It's was an endless inspiration for me, to sense the feeling of limitless beginnings and endings. So many … Continue reading Crown of a fairy tale

Morning dew

''If you want to make your dreams come true, you need first to wake up'' Running. Habit, hobby, addiction. My eyes open and they are already focused on tying up the shoe laces of running shoes that took me more than two hours to decide when bying. Perfection lies in details and patience , yet … Continue reading Morning dew

Jewel of coast hidden in the red sheets…

''Can you make the difference between red and red?'' is what i asked her on our latest journey. But can you? I did, i have seen the slight line separating beauties one from another, a ruby on one side laying in the sheets made of rooftops. I like to travel, yeah we all do don't … Continue reading Jewel of coast hidden in the red sheets…