It’s been a while…

-‘I’m tired’.

But only silence could he get as an answer. Mountain that stood in front of him breathed out with a breeze. He laid down as morning dew refreshed his dried up lips.

– ‘It’s been a while that i have felt like this, dried out from energy, to tired to sleep, all i needed was peace, just a sip of it, just a breathe of it.’

As the fog was disappearing, you could see snow far far on the highest peak. It was April.

The river was strangling the left over cracked trees, and you could hear snow melting from some branches, doorstep of a new season. But maybe the best time to explore the area. The sound of morning announced by the sound of bird i never learned the name of.


As a child i would always knee down the ground. Closed one eye and with the other tried to figure out if the meadow was plain, or the earth was round. And would come back running to my mother with my newest discovery. God, i was stupid.

And, specially in the peak of winter i liked to explore the land of snow, snow could get high as below meter, well i wasn’t much taller than that. But the endless game of footprints was what aroused me the most. The small , the big, from dogs, boars and rabbits. So many mysteries for a one with little knowledge. Graceful times.


But it was the answer he expected. Just a random visitor, or was he. Why would destiny set someone on a place of peace, freedom, nature beauty ? Or why would that destiny bring me again at the foot of the same mountain? More question for the one who has more knowledge. Or maybe it is just a prayer? Don’t know. It’s been a while that i have felt this tired.


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