”Silence is true wisdom’s best reply”

Have you ever imagined how long does it take for a liquid to form a firm object, and is that even possible? Can we be a witness of those quotes of our elders, their words of wisdom, and their clever advice concerning life and paths we take are the cause so we are responsible for the consequences. We are not the slaves of our destiny.


Drop by drop, for years and years and years,  statues are being created by long efforts of natural behaving of the environment. As always i like to go back when nature allowed humans just to take a look in the depths of the hallways of the cave. It spread fear for those who would even think of approaching the entrance, for centuries it kept it self unharmed, keeping the frightening beauty just for it self.




Selfish, but with a reason. Now, wind blows at the first man made entrance as if you are exposed to it on the coastal line, the temperature drops for 20 degrees simultaneously when you take the first step inside. And then beautiful sightseeing just shuts your mouth as the silence arouses you, silence interrupted with drops of water heard somewhere in the distance.


You cross a path but you are surrounded with labyrinth of holes and shapes which took water to form more than hundred thousands of years. The cave is a citadel it self, it has it’s own concert hall because of all the passage ways and holes which go through the unknown you can hear sounds and instruments playing, like a little air symphony that arouses you but has no physical source, and it’s so fascinating to expose your senses to something and not even realizing this is all happening more than 70 meters below ground.


Forms and shapes surprisingly precise and with a lot of details, the ‘City hall’ that reminds of a baroque formed towers and domes. Holes and shapes to be seen on the ground and walls are something i have no words to describe. Located in the heart of the mountains of middle Montenegro, this cave is more than worth visiting.


Next week, more. Subscribe. Hope you’ll have  agood week.


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