Crown of a fairy tale

“Against the disease of writing one must take special precautions, since it is a dangerous and contagious disease.”


I have never heard more beautiful silence , than it was in the forests above Moselkern, near Koblenz. It’s was an endless inspiration for me, to sense the feeling of limitless beginnings and endings. So many mystic , adventurous, secret, untold and stunning stories unraveled in front of my eyes, yet some of them seemed real and some were only intrusion of my imagination induced by the wonderful surroundings.


The path was so perfectly embedded by human steps, the ups and downs just triggered adrenaline to pump up and make me speed up through the gigantic trees rolling one upon another. The water surface calmly watches me play through this wilderness, showing reflection of the peaks of the trees, and an endless blue ceiling.


And it’s just the start, an overture of amazing symphony preformed by nature. And then the silence speaks, through some sounds that can not be seen, not even recognizable. The roller coaster of colors conquering my sight, with yellow leaf covered hills, green trees, dark grey ground with brown path, just wow.


There is a river you see only once and her sound follows you through the entire way and you feel warm and everything is bright around you but you still don’t see the sun.

And the end, after you’ve hiked around five kilometers is  incredible , an amazing monument of medieval takes your breath away, a small bridge and a uphill meadow stand in front of you as a last stage before reaching the castle. just like in the games.

There it is , this unspoken giant, last resort of history. Still shines in it’s grandiosity.

Words cannot measure this beauty.



See you soon, more colorful content in the next few days.


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