Morning dew

”If you want to make your dreams come true, you need first to wake up”

Running. Habit, hobby, addiction.

My eyes open and they are already focused on tying up the shoe laces of running shoes that took me more than two hours to decide when bying. Perfection lies in details and patience , yet life isn’t long enough to wait for some things.


It’s summer, temperatures are too high to breathe so early morning is the only part of the day i can purely enjoy in exercise. And that moment as i leave through the door when my senses collide with the moist air that is spreading freshness all around, and the look of nature as it was raining just seconds ago, and that morning dew that makes my ankles wet while i slowly cross through it, tickles my awareness on such a different level.

After this joyful feeling i hop on the bike and head towards the running tracks, it’s not a long ride. Avoid some traffic and i’m there. The field is empty, maybe two or three runners by my side. This is the second spot of amazing morning.


All mornings should be amazing, waking up early feels like i’m not wasting time.




Track. I love it, and i’m addicted. it’s philosophy is only understandable to the ones who use it. Either you are here for a long run, short run, athletic workout, you run on time, or you are chasing time, new records, maybe you are here to forget, to put your mind of the problems, to wake up, diversity is enormous.

I’m here just to run, all the other phases, i have been through. Now after the cure it became a disease, an addiction, but, i choose the lesser evil. It lasts, but it would take me a novel to describe all the stories of the lanes.


I go back on bike and continue. There is so many choices but history lures me this morning. So i go on an up-hill bike ride. Fortresses were built on the top of the hills so they could serve as a strategic point but today they are quite easy to conquer. The ground is rough for the bike, and dirt is all around, dust rises with every slow pedal move but it’s gonna be an amazing downhill ride. The temperature rises from minute to minute but after sweat overspreads you once you don’t give a damn.



And then after reaching 300 meters of altitude you’re there. The place where Nazis used to hide, a fortress built by women , with traces of war and hard work all around, and of course an amazing view. The fortress that has so much to tell, just close your eyes and listen. What a prize. All that just a few kilometers of the shore.


The beauty of history cannot be measured, it’s value s everlasting.

See you next week, from another sightseeing place in Montenegro.


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