Eyes of the north

Yes, it happened again. I had another i must call it journey, because some amazing things happened in just a little over 12 hours. I haven’t felt this way in a while, i tried to revive a short trip that i had in my childhood, which i almost forgot, but sightseeing of today i will not forget.



I love forests, i mean, really love them, there is nothing as beautiful and calming as natures lullaby made out of symphony of silence. The variations of green just are excavating any feeling that you hide deep inside yourself, leaving all that is harassing your mind outside, outside of it’s bubble.


When you want to visit the forests you first need to choose the time of the year, but every season is perfect it only depends on your character and what attracts you  to define the moment you will choose to visit it. I like to go at any time, because i am of an undefined character, this time it was summer.


Started journey just a little bit after the sunrise, it keeps me fresh, so i drove my way to another chapter of my travels, the fusion of magnificent woods combined with the sights of unraveling lake which i cruised on a small boat controlled only by oars.

20170723_121044.jpgThe woods was filled with laughter you cannot meet, with love that is hidden in the sprouts of gigantic leaves, 20170723_110230it is somewhere along the track but you don’t see it. All the leaves contributing to the beauty of the sun rays cutting through them , trying to reach earth, and roots just grasping out of the ground like trying to catch you and pull you down, and a thousand little creatures bouncing their sounds through flowers,grass and rocks making the frame of perfection that is though  invisible, yes, perfect is the word.


And there is something magical when you simply float of the coast and find yourself in the middle of a enormous water space that isn’t moving, and you just leave the oars a side, lay back and inhale the surroundings.


The eyes of the mountain stand like the last mirror of the sky , the virtuoso of beauty, a true slice of imagination, found just few hours of drive away from Montenegrinian coast.


Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough among the fascinating sights of nature that i honestly lack the vocabulary to describe, actually i don’t know if anyone has ever done it completely.


Soon new insights from travels, subscribe 😉


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