Jewel of coast hidden in the red sheets…

”Can you make the difference between red and red?” is what i asked her on our latest journey. But can you? I did, i have seen the slight line separating beauties one from another, a ruby on one side laying in the sheets made of rooftops.

I like to travel, yeah we all do don’t we. Every little second of the journey from the second you start it to the moments you’re entering the finish line which you in almost every moment wish to evade or to prolong the feeling that is running through your mind and body, the feeling of freedom and pleasure, is a valuable moment of time that makes us realize what is the time and what means using it, that feeling when it just didn’t last enough and like the time just flew through the window. Yes, that is the feeling that i am talking about.


I travel often, the more we read and travel the more we grow, the more we perfection our souls to devote ourselves to true beauties of our surroundings. And i like history, and thanks to preservation of some places on earth we have the collision of wisdom, history, beauty and time that can be met physically throughout cities, old cities.



The streets, the streets are the soul of the city, just like ramparts are the body, the streets are where it takes place, the main infrastructure and story developer. It’s not just walk you take, it’s the people you meet, people you see, stories you hear , lies and truth, gossip and legends, all fusing into unique highlights connecting lives and creating destiny.



I haven’t seen so much red ever in my life being so high in the same time. Like a gigantic carpet with bumps every few steps, and belfries piercing from it like daggers that have unmercifully cut through it and then the icebreaker in the frame the endless blue covering the continuance of the magic carpet just takes your mind to another dimension.










And the ramparts, yes the amazing ramparts that stood the test of time and still are caging and protecting the city simultaneously, and telling us stories of people that passed them, and of hands that made these enormous towers that are on the edges of boundaries, the towers that still oversee the longest streets, famous Stradun and the cathedrals that carry religion that can still be felt in the air.  Two kilometres long ramparts are spreading around this enchanted old buildings, that are luring all kinds of attractions, from people to animals, diversity of cultures just puts you so far away from not only the place you arrived , they take you away from the time you are living in. Magic Dubrovnik, isn’t it.







And at the end, love. Love that roams through the corners of  unsymmetrical streets, along with the laughter of strangers and diverse tourists that found their way to fulfill the lust for this town, love that wines up the walls reincarnated after the earthquakes, and the ones that survived natures attacks. So many stories, yet so little time, and for those who wanted to tag themselves so the city wouldn’t forget them they found a way, renegades and lovers.  Well this is how lovers do it. Channeling love through chaining it, similar to many world cities, Dubrovnik has it’s love fence.



Hope you enjoyed a part of my travels, more are yet to come for audiences from all around the world.  You should visit because picture doesn’t catch it all.

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